Awaiting Her Arrival

Mount Wai'ale'ale, Kaua'i
Mount Wai’ale’ale, Kaua’i

On January 21st, 2015 the Crystal Skull – Atu’La Shee Lima  or White Queen,  will receive the Blessing of her Dweller Crystal Skull of Atu’La Hunuapepe or Paloma.

The Dweller: who was Paloma, and before that SeRa’fana – Twin Flame of ThothHorRa  and closer in time incarnated as Mari Magdalene. The Crystal Skull of Paloma, Priestess of MU now resides in a cavern within the sacred Mount Wai’ale’ale of Kaua’i.

The White Queen will come into my Keepership on the 21st and I will take her to the shore, bathing her in the waters of the Pacific Ocean….as I saw myself doing in vision over 3 years ago. It is with this simple ceremony that SHE will become the true Host for The Dweller Skull of Paloma.

What will happen after that? That veil has not yet been lifted for me. However, I do feel the essence of it, and it is unlike any matrix I have yet to enter in my lifetime. I await it with great JOY in my heart!


6 thoughts on “Awaiting Her Arrival

  1. Wow, Maia, so cool! Looking very much forward to the new matrix you are sensing. I’m getting lots of bits and pieces about my own work with the skulls and felt particularly connected to the ‘Metatron Dwellers’ you just wrote about that are bi-locating onto Cydonia. I seem to be getting info around there being a connection on the B.C. coast with the ‘face on Mars’ or the name I’ve been given as ‘Face of Kappor’ah’.


  2. It’s amazing what your life journey has come to, Sistar. I sense it is indeed a new stage not only for Earth but for your own life, and for everyone else involved with your teachings and your sacred presence, because I do feel you are the Dweller crystal skull and we are small skulls, receiving your knowledge, but beyond that, en energy of love and compassion.

    I remember that in 2011 I was drawn to participate in an initiation in Yucatan where there were a few crystal skulls (not Dwellers, of course). I even had the opportunity of sleeping in the same room where one of them, a female skull name Amakua, was kept. It was midnight, and I held the skull between my hands, close to me heart, and I asked the intelligence working through it: what do I need in life right now? what experience, what knowledge do you want to teach me? And seconds later, I got the answer. I felt one of the most powerful waves of love and happiness I have ever felt in my entire life, and as I cried (because it was too shocking for me, given the fact I had been so sad and depressed before that), I understood I needed to vibrate in love and happiness no matter the darkness around me, I understood happiness, compassion and love are not something we feel because somebody else is “good” towards us. We create them and they expand to the world around us, creating consequences we don’t always forsee.

    I knew that was what my life journey this reincarnation, to learn how to create my own light and how to be light. I remembered this because I think sometimes you are not aware, Maia, of the light you are creating for the rest of us. My heart yearns for the love and compassion I feel emanating from the White Queen. I hope we know much more about her in the days to come, and I sincerely hope we can connect with you through skpe, through our minds and hearts, in some sacred ceremony at some time in the future.

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  3. It’s incredible how Life becomes so amazing and deeply beautiful in Its magnificence and splendor when one is consciously at Its service… as YOU ARE, dear Maia…! * ❤

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