Elixus Star & the Rose Mystica

click on image to order fine print from Deviant Art
click on image to order fine print from Deviant Art

Holy Riddle of the Rose Mystica (as given to me in the 1980’s):

From the pinnacle of the 7th Ray the Nine God-Forms descend into the Star of Matter. In this six-foldness the Golden Triangle of Above and Below unite as one solidarity. Herein is founded the Rose Mystica, the incorporation of the Light Molecule in matter. Twelve are the Stations of Service radiating from the Fearless Flame within the Rose.

Two temples are bound in one stone, as two heads roaring upon the body of a single beast. The lion is the servant of the lamb, in whose book the Sacred Name is written. This is the 1st Square of the Rose-Stone. Herein is given the testament of Saul, ruled by Michael, Lord Host of the fiery sword.

The apple tree casts no shadow nor do its branches bend in burden, for the fruit of the tree is consumed by the tree, and the seed is not scattered to the winds. This is the 2nd Square, in whose firmament is rooted Eve, invested by Isis, Veiled Mother of the world.

As the Saf-Fire Cup pours into the vessel of Man, so his bond with Earth shall be broken, and a New Covenant will be forged in Heaven and cast molten, into the sea. This is the dominion of the 3rd Square, ruled by Metatron, Lord of the White Sun at the center of the Universe, whose sovereign emissary is Thoth, Tehuti of Old.

Behold the Night of Stars, into which all emptiness is filled with wonder. Seven temptations will come before Her Throne, and seven creatures will rise victorious from Her Crown. This is the 4th Square of the Rose-Stone, Goddess of the Fearless Flame. Her mantle is upon Mari of Magdalene.

There are 72 petals composing the Rose Mystica, each petal emanating an out-folding and an in-folding of a Divine Being. The Rose Mystica geometrically, is a 72 petaled Flower of Life created as a 3D energy modality.

As of this date in 2015, the riddle above remains largely a mystery to me. However, I felt guided to begin this article with it, as the Rose Mystica and the Dweller Skulls are deeply and intrinsically related. Firstly, of course they both bear the number “72.”

Thoth is now introducing to me a new and developing energetic pattern he is calling the “Elixus Star.” He is showing me that it is THE dynamic “glue” which is bringing together the 72 Dwellers – as an overlay onto the Rose Mystica.

First, let me explain in very simple terms, just exactly what the Rose Mystica is . . .

 It is the geometry of the path into the human body from the greater dimensions…it is what plugs our physical and energy bodies into the super grid of the universe, so to speak.

The Dweller Crystal Skulls are repositories of genetic intelligence that feed us our connections to our genetic Kindred. Of even greater importance, the Dwellers themselves (beyond the mechanism of the crystal skulls they demonstrate through in this time field), energetically guide us Home…into the New Earth Star holo-geometries. While we have many servants of this task aiding this planet, none could truly work with us as humanity without the Dweller Souls, for these latter are US – as the Mayan say, “I am another you.”  Every single human being on this planet is related genetically to one or more of the Dwellers. I am speaking here of an actual generational continuum that could be traceable on a family tree, if such records had been kept in the Outer World.

Understand that each of the 72 Dwellers have had multiple incarnations on the Earth…even the Metatrons (who have had the least). So for every one Dweller Skull, there are multiple incarnations on Earth running intelligence signals through that Skull (energy form). ONE soul – multiple intelligence matrices – as every incarnation creates a matrix of it’s own that moves forward in time-space with the incarnating soul.

The Dweller in the Thoth’s retreat at Crestone, Colorado – who was Moses in a past incarnation – his Crystal Skull was created from an incarnational body long before he entered the life experience of Moses.

The Crystal Skull of the MU’ruvian Priestess, whom I am calling Paloma, which is within a cavern in Mount Wai’ale’ale on Kaua’i – was before that, SeRa’fana Adura (Thoth’s Twin Flame). Yet is is Paloma’s skull that was transformed into crystal. I was just shown by Thoth that Mari of Magdalene is this same soul! This both astounds and amazes me. Thoth has told me in the past that the actual Twin Flame of I’shoa (Jesus) was not Mari Magdalene, but his mother, Mari.

(Note: Mari Magdalene was an arc affinity of I’shoa. This whole “Twin Flame” thing is not what we think it is – according to Thoth. We often call people “Twin Flames” when they are arc affinities or trans-arc affinities or Sirian doubles, and so on.)

I also understand that the soul we are calling “Thoth” (from his two incarnations as such) was one of five souls of the original Adam Kadmon. I’shoa’s two souls (one leaving the incarnation at the time of Baptism) were also among these five….and that “Thoth” was also John the Beloved.

I have known for years that one of the Dwellers was Mari Magdalene. So if SeRa’fana / Paloma was  incarnated as MM, then the Crystal Skull involved is not actually that from the body of MM, but from her soul’s incarnation as Paloma!

The Elixus Star

This is a new pattern forming inside the geometry of the Rose Mystica. It is an overlay which will allow the Dweller Beings through their Crystal Skulls (most via further, “Host” Crystal Skulls) to carry out very specifically energetic Intelligence programs of LIGHT through the holo-field of the human DNA.

On January 17th, 2015 the Elixus will be “lit” through the star streamings of RIGEL (Orion), SIRIUS (Canis Major) and the star grouping of The Pleiades. This is what Thoth calls the “Star-plex” of the Earth’s creation and continued generation.

On the 17th of January so there will be a “lighting of the fire” of the Star-plex within the Rose Mystica as a specific merging of the streams from these star-suns enters the sun of our solar system. Since All stars of what Thoth calls “Living Lights”  are alive with what we mythologically transform into “Angels,”  it is in this kind of conjuncto that new genetica is brought to the surface out of the cauldron of Divine Chaos.

One of the many outcomes of this January 17th cosmic event will be the overlaying and activation of the Elixus Star upon the Rose Mystica.

It is then, that the new level of relationship between Earth’s humanity and the Dweller Beings will begin. The Dwellers will then set their Crystal Skulls into the sacred geometry of a specifically defined six-pointed star…each point containing a 12 nodal interface with our holo-DNA. 12 x 6 = 72.

It is the supreme alchemical conjunto of our true genetic  FAMILY welcoming us back into the Fold!


About the ELIXUS STAR activational art at top of page: Guided by Thoth, this image was created with specific geometries, colors and embedded light codes to attune and activate the conduits within the DNA (especially within the brain) in order to enhance development of the Pure Gem Body and open channels of Light  Language communion between the individual and the Dweller Beings.

KyiRa Portal members can save the 3000 pix resolution image of the ELIXUS STAR activational art NOW – CLICK HERE!


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One thought on “Elixus Star & the Rose Mystica

  1. Thanks Maia. I have worked with the Rhombic ‘L’ energies/geometries for many years, in my Facebook albums – 144 Triaconta & Golden Ratio Modelling you will see these New Earth Holo-geometries. Interest in these has – all of a sudden blossomed – imagine this to be in line with the Jan 17th event. great work as usual. Grayham Forscutt


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