Queen of the Atlantic

click on first image above to scroll through all (photos by Lynn McCallum)


From Lynn-Celest’Ra . . .

One of the largest ascension portals in the world is in the Atlantic Ocean off of the Florida coast

a while back I had been shown that Atu’La Shee Lima, the crystal skull would touch these waters
Before going to Peru

shortly after midnight on the dawn of 2015, a year that promises massive shifts in this planetary system… Well… The photo says it all

mission complete, now
On to Peru

I knew
There was
A destined reason
For missing my flight south today

Blissings & love…

Awakening is upon us

Resistance is futile


6 thoughts on “Queen of the Atlantic

  1. What an amazing information! Thank you for sharing. I’m wondering if there’s any relation between the skull’s name, Atu’la Shee Lima, and the name of the legendary continent Atlan or Alantis. We know through Thoth and other esoteric sources that Atlan’s mainland was located in the middle of the Atlantic, that the island where the Atlanteans orginally caused their own destruction 12.000 years ago was located very close to the Florida coast (Maia’s transmission related to the “time tsunami” that sank Atlantis). It has also been know that there’s very important Atlantean heritage in South America. So that’s the reason I’m wondering, firstly, if there’s a connection between the names, and secondly, hy did the skull had to touch the waters of this ocean? What was the purpose?


    1. Kaylasa there is quite a lot about Atu’la Shee Lima and her Dweller I do not yet know. As I feel her drawing near to these Pacific shores I know that “She” (aka her and her Dweller) have a great deal to share with me when I can finally embrace her in the Land of the Mother – MU.

      Lynn may be able to answer you as to why she anointed the White Queen in the waters of the Atlantic.


      1. Sistar, do you know what is the OVERALL purpose of this special increase of activity regarding the crystal skulls? Does it have to do (in your opinion) with the LP-40 portal you mentioned in one channeling some time ago? I think you mentioned that according to THR, between 2015 and 2025 we would see any important changes because a new stage of Gaia’s ascension would begin.


  2. Kaylasa, while I certainly don’t have the whole picture on this, basically the crystal skulls work with the Sacred AN and all the New Earth Arks in forming the working schematic of the Pyramidis Radius matrix. You might say that the skulls are the intelligent design and the An (channeling the New Arks) a transmission portal for it all – through time and space – Old and New Earth.


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