Basics of Dweller Crystal Skulls: Crash Course

White Queen Host in Garden of the Gods
White Queen Host in Garden of the Gods – photo by Lynn McCallum

I saw a video recently in which a scientist has declared the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull – the only actual Dweller in the “Outer” that I had been aware of, is not a genuine relic. One tiny tool mark was found on one of the teeth, after many years of examining it with all sorts of high-tech equipment. So this means it is a fake. End of story. I find this amusing. No Dweller Crystal Skull was hand-polished by Mayans over several generations. They were ALL in the final stage of creation, polished by ultra-laser technology not of this world.

As I understand it, the first stage is for the being-personage to leave the body. Then the skull with the brain inside, is turned into an energy form that slowly become liquid-gel-like. The brain being soft tissue, is absorbed into the walls of the skull as this process begins. Now the gel skull becomes more solid, but it is not the perfect, smooth skull of the end product yet. The final stage is polishing it with some sort of ultra-laser that is not a single ray of light, but more of a holographic field into which the now crystal skull is immersed.Then there is a finishing polish with laser beams that are more singular points of light.  How natural crystal is formed through this process I do not know, but that is the end result.

(later added: The above is not really clarifying the whole proceedure, as when the skull and brain are turned into an energy form…this form is separated from the skull and brain of the actual body! It thereby becomes a duplicate in crystal. The first step: it absorbs the skull and brain, but when it reaches a certain stage, it becomes separate and then the skull and brain return to orginal form!)

Aussie with crystals placed in eyes!
Aussie with crystals placed in eyes!

Just today I was told by Thoth that all true Dwellers have moveable jaws (as does the Mitchell-Hedges). Just after I wrote The EYES Have it!  a Crystal Skull was brought to my attention which I felt might be an actual Dweller…but no it is not. No movable jaw. Thoth has told me though, that this Australian Crystal Skull is a Host and is quite special, for it has physically been in the presence of it’s Dweller! Only a few so far, have been in the same space with the Dweller they are hosting.

There are the Dwellers, the Hosts and…the Seeds! The seeds I have known about for some time. They are of different small sizes and most if not all, are contemporary. What causes these little crystals or skullies, to become Seeds and what does that mean? According to Thoth, a “Seed” skull is one that carries a signal of “attention” to a Dweller. It basic is like a radio signal that says “I am here” and “you are there.” There are many seeds out there. Anyone who owns a skullie could have a Seed…or it could become one through various energy interactions in ceremony or by being presented into an energy field of a sacred site or electromagnetic frequency associated with a particular Dweller. One Dweller can have many Seeds attaching to it. Usually there is only one Host per Dweller, but there are some rare exceptions.


Hosts carry a strong indwelling presence of a Dweller, while Seeds ping off a Dweller like a sounding device.



I  have just received from Thoth the identification of another Dweller amongst us! It has a detachable jaw and amazingly, Thoth’s Twin Ray Se’RA’fana addressed a gathering in the Chamber of the Crystal Skull over the former New Earth Star Island in 2011 – about this very skull. At the time she said:

The Crystal Skull of Compassion….I tell you not it’s story here as the time is not right for me to speak of it…but…I do say that SHE is truly a Being of Mastery of Compassion. She reaches to those who reach to her. She senses those who long for the LIGHT. She is the embodiment of the presence of the 3-Fold Goddess as Mother – Sister – Wife (Companion). She has come forth once again at this time to tender to the world.

Well, WOW…as Se’RA’fana IS “Paloma,” who is the Dweller Skull here on Kaua’i…her Host being the White Queen.

Now, obviously is the time to let this be known…COMPASSION is a Dweller Skull!

(note: this does not mean that all crystal skulls with detachable jaws are Dwellers)

Read Original Speaking by Se’RA’fana on Compassion Crystal Skull

Compassion’s website


The 13 Crystal Skulls



There are many legends surrounding crystal skulls. Most of them however, speak of 12 being united as an energy dynamic with the addition of a 13th.

Thoth states that the 13th will come as a “Living Crystal Skull” – a woman. I really know very little about it at this point. I feel more will be revealed to me in the future.

Thoth has spoken of Her:

In La’kech will come to the attention of several indigenous people through their Shamans simultaneously, but she herself will not be of any one tribe or race, but a mixture of many. She will call upon many to join her in a Sacred Walk beginning in Peru and ending in Alaska. That will only be the beginning of her mission among Earth’s kind. The soul of La’kech will have had only one other incarnation on this planet – that of Shush’Al’Mundra.

But also Se’RA’fana has said to me . . .

. . . that the soul of Atu’La Hunuapepe was herself, and that turned to crystal, her skull represents now the 13th Living Crystal Skull! I say “now” as it has merged with the Higher Dimensional Being of Se’RA’fana – that one which shall come to Earth as In La’ketch – the 13th Dweller!

Se’RA’fana is not THE 13th Dweller. The 13th has “merged with the Higher Dimensional Being of Se’RA’fana.”


 A gallery of some Host Crystal Skulls.




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