The EYES have it!

art collage by Maia
art collage by Maia

In our recent gathering within the Crystal Skull Chamber above New Earth Star Sanctuary, my friend Monica saw the Dweller Crystal Skulls containing gemstone eyes! When she told us all this, I was immediately informed by my inner plants mentor, ThothHorRa, that the eyes would indeed return to the Dweller Crystal Skulls in the future. I had never heard this before. It both startled and thrilled me…opening the scroll in the Akashic for me to see this, and understand it more fully.

I have since been shown by Thoth how the 72 Dwellers will form within the PYRAMIDIS RADIUS Matrix  (PMR) – each in a specific location. They will then bi-locate to one large holo-pyramid, where they will manifest Pure Gem eyes! Now what does this really mean, other than a really great  holographic screenshot (lol).

It is a way to send and receive GEMatric Light codes from New Earth formations of the new body – the Pure Gem body. When we “see” these eyes…we will receive direct transmissions from them, into the areas of our brain that stimulate re-spatialization of our crystalline structure. We already have bodies composed of crystal…they will form new geometries causing the Pure Gem state to restructure our forms in preparation for what Thoth is calling Light Principle Forty or “Ascension.”

Human beings swim in a Light field of senses – and the primary language of those senses are symbols…living LIGHT symbols. Even a person born blind translates touch, smell and tastes into an energy symbol inside the brain, which communicates through that symbol language to the whole being….or so Thoth relates to me.

We may now find ourselves seeing the crystal skulls with eyes – in fact, another friend just wrote to me after having read about Monica’s vision, that she too, had seen the crystal skulls with gem eyes. When we realize that time is really open-ended…that we choose to organize it in a linear fashion…we know that we are already IN the pyramid of the PRM. receiving the codes from the crystal eyes.

I enquired of Thoth just where would be located the pyramid containing the bi-located Dweller Skulls. The name “Sintra” flashed into my mind. I had never heard of it. (or at least, I had no memory of it). I googled and found Sintra, Portugal, and received a positive on this.

I was hoping for Kaua’i, but no…in a place I didn’t even know existed! It is near Lisbon. I went to Wiki and was scanning through it, when I found:

Considered the Monte da Lua (Mountain of the Moon), or Promontorium Lunae, by the strong tradition of astral cults within the Sintra Mountains. The mountains, a massif granite surface, that stretches ten kilometres, abruptly emerging between a vast plain in the north and the northern margin of the Tagus River estuary, in a serpentine cordillera that winds towards the Atlantic Ocean and Cabo da Roca, the most westerly extent of continental Europe.

Mountain of the Moon? Astral cults? Now I was really interested!

More googling brings me to this . . .

Sintra lies in the splendid coastal landscape of western Portugal just north of Lisbon. Numerous kings and other aristocrats built their summer retreats in this miniature paradise. In the 19th century Sintra became the first centre of European Romantic architecture.

Quinta da Regaleira is an impressive inheritance situated in the old part of Sintra. The country estate is surrounded by gardens and forests and bears the mythical and magical marks of the former owner Antonio Augusto Carvalho Monteiro.

We decide to enter the spiritual domain by climbing the stepping stones. The cave symbolises rebirth, at the end of the birth canal shines the eternal light. Monteiro and his architect Luigi Manini maintained the same philosophy of life. The imagination of the two men created various artistic expressions.

After the trip through the nine-floored cave, the visitor can receive another reward seeing other works of art and the delightful nature of the country estate.
But first we go through the hidden door in the rock, taking the final threshold to the Christian world. Other visitors take the trip in opposite direction, choosing the pagan way, which is quite a different story.

Themes of mystical life are represented in all sorts of ways. The Portuguese myths and esoteric traditions found fertile ground at the Quinta.

Then there are the photographs. As I went through them, I received a strong feeling of connection and belonging…I feel I was there in the past – distant past, and it was a powerful, good experience for me.

 more on the dolomen

An amazing energy portal to be found here . . .

info on the inverted tower

So just how important IS Sintra to the PRM? Apparently, much is going on there already, according to Thoth. It contains an inter-dimensional portal which connects to Rosslyn Chapel and the Great Pyramid, among other key nodes. This portal also moves into Inner Earth at a point which will, when properly activated – anchor the generating pole of the formation of the Christabel Pyramid – what Thoth is calling the pyramid of the bi-located Dweller Crystal Skulls. The main visible point of the portal is the inverted tower. Even though this tower was built in the 1800-1900s, it’s location and construction was guided by those on the inner planes, through Carvalho Monteiro.

. . . to be continued (I’m sure!)


3 thoughts on “The EYES have it!

  1. dear Maia,
    I must say now my heart is beating a bit faster: last May this year, my husband and me have been there , we stayed for a week nearby Cascais, we went to Lisbon, Sintra and Cabo da Roca…I loved it! But I had no idea of this all, I’m recognising a lot seeing your pics 🙂 , but unfortunately not all, I was longing to go up the hill, and see more but my husband was a bit satisfied, so we took our rental car and drove back: and guess what ? We missed the’ right direction’ or so, we drove around Sintra and ended up twice on the top of the hill,in the forest, we got out for a short while, it was a beautiful place ! …


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