Hopi Blue Star

art collage by Maia

Last night I saw several Kachinas. They were moving in silhouette against dim light. The suddenly one stood there right in front of me (in my mind’s eye) and beautiful BLUE light began to radiate behind him. I saw a long hall of this light come tumbling through the “portal” it created, rushing toward me.

I knew this had to be connected to Lynn-Celest’RA’s presence at this time in Hopi Land with the White Queen Crystal Skull!

After that rushing light, all was gone as quickly as it had come. However, I was then re-focused on something I had seen and received earlier, when Skyping with Lynn, Edie (Guardian of Keeper of the Way Crystal Skull in Crestone) and others.

I had seen laser-like markings on Lynn’s body and was told within that this was energy streaming from her meridians, called forth through the Host (White Queen) by the Dweller I now call Paloma. That these streamings formed symbols on the body – they were light-engendered tattoos. Invisible to the eye perhaps, but none-the-less present, and activating memory / racial channels in the body.

This reminded me of the manuscript I channeled many years ago – in the early 1970’s – entitled THE GREAT LAWS OF MU. In it, was revealed that the MU’ruvians (Lemurians) often wore tattoos and these were considered part of a sacred process. I was now shown that these “tattoos” were created not with the blade, but through inner light…only these did show on the body, and would change patterns! this is liken to the phenomenon of “stigmata” caused by a similar internal process. The latter is associated as a close physical connection of that particular individual and the crucifixion of I’shoa (Jesus), brought on through the intense desire of that person to suffer as He suffered. Yes, this type of thing is not in alignment with the higher accord, which does not contain suffering as a prerequisite in the continuum of Spirit; but from a scientific standpoint, it is produced within the body in the same way.

The art of tattooing, – the actual cutting of the flesh – was believed by ancients in our historical past, to create suffering in order to attain spiritual purity. Yet, if one goes back far enough in time, the “tattoos” become light-engendered patterns on the body associated with true spiritual Presence.

Both Paloma and the Crestone Dweller I am calling “Musa” were / are MU’ruvians, coming from the temples which engaged in the Rasa’tanglii – the light-engendered tattoos.

As for the Hope Blue Star rushing light I saw last night, it was revealed to me that this is a wave or rushing from the center of our galaxy (Black Hole), coming from the center of our Universe (sipapu). It is time now for us to prepare to receive the full measure of the Metatronic Light of our Creation!


2 thoughts on “Hopi Blue Star

  1. Dear Maia,
    I am speechless by reading your websites. Almost everything you write about I have been seen in my dreams and visions. It started around July 2008 when a shaman came in my dream and I had to carve a crystal skull . After this skull materialized in my visions and the top of the skull felt of and the ash inside flew all over my body. Then they showed me some things what I later explained is the holy grail. The skull gave me an meditation technique witch activated my merkaba and after the skull almost materialized in my hands and a light sword as well. When I started to practice this meditation technique I started to sing tones by witch I could step with full conciseness into other realms. I had many experiences with laser light going through my body and house by my skulls. For many years I was afraid to talk about it to anyone until I read something about laser rays and the Adam Kadmon written by Gary Zukav. I have so much to talk about with you, hope to speak to you soon. Sylvia ❤


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