White Queen Journey: Garden of the Gods, Montezuma’s Well & Sedona

Lynn & White Queen at Garden of the Gods
Lynn & White Queen at Garden of the Gods –  photo by Lynn McCallum

Garden of the Gods, Colorado

12:12 portal opening at Balanced Rock, Garden of The Gods at sunrise with …The White Queen – Atu’La Shee Lima!

The return of the divine feminine in balance with the divine masculine throughout all times, places, spaces, dimensions and beyond…

… The full circle completion of a beautiful ceremony birthed 3 years ago on sept 19, 2011
…may all consciousness awaken to its divine state of balance …

from this place we really can create heaven on earth, together as one unified earthly, galactic, universal, cosmic, celestial family

Infinite love to all life ~ Lynn / Celest’Ra


I (Maia) took this section of the photograph of the skull (above), which Donna Evans had singled out, and brought out the detail more in Photoshop . . .

In the art of crystal, cloud, water, etc GAZING; different people can see different things. Thoth tells me that it is not just imagination, but communication, between the object being viewed and the person gazing upon it. this interaction is within the realm of quantum physics: ie, particle and wave.

So from me, my crystal gazing produced the above:

1) two pairs of eyes – the top human, and just underneath those – a lion being

2) the most puzzling on for me, as at first I clearly saw two women in profile, full-body. One much smaller (child?) than the other. Now I am not seeing that at all, but what I would call a Hopi Shaman facing me, with someone in profile behind him.

3) another face – indistinct but there – this one very much lion-like, reminiscent of the Face of Mars.

4) a person with long hair in profile, bending forward, hand and portion of arm extended. He/she seems to be pour liquid (water?) into a bowl

5) another face – not very human-looking


Lynn & Friends at Montezuma's Well
Lynn & Friends at Montezuma’s Well

Montezuma’s Well & Sedona, Arizona

An epic grid team shows up out of thin air  for a 12:12 Portal closing ceremony under the stars at Montezuma’s Well & sunrise at the airport vortex at Red Rocks in sedona

We Truly are in the celebration and creation of a new story now feeling and knowing it with every breath, every experience … Every moment…the field is ripe to plant seeds now…As it always has been and now the veil is lifted and we remember our true nature and essence. ~ Lynn / Celest’RA


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