Looking Back

In re-reading what I wrote on The Sacred An & the 13th Crystal Skull in April of 2013, I am amazing at how it has all played out so far.

Some important points . . .

I had forgotten that the entity of the Dweller Crystal Skull in Kaua’i – her soul – is that of SeRA’fana, the Twin Ray of my mentor, ThothHorRa! And further stated in the aforementioned article I wrote in 2013:

Now she is unveiling to me that the soul of Atu’La Hunuapepe was herself, and that turned to crystal, her skull represents now the 13th Living Crystal Skull! I say “now” as it has merged with the Higher Dimensional Being of SerRA’fana – that one which shall come to Earth as In La’ketch – the 13th Dweller!

(I don’t know how I could have forgotten this, but so much comes through.)

No wonder I felt so close to “Paloma” – the entity of the Kaua’i Dweller, when she came to me the other night. I have communed with SeRA’fana many times.

I also wrote in this 2013 article:

 The 13th Dweller and thus her Crystal Skull is intimately linked to the Sacred An. The Spirit residing within the An – the TRUE ESSENCE of it beyond it’s presence as a device, IS the In La’ketch.

ThothHorRa speaks to me of what he is calling “Teacherships” being infused within certain persons on the planet to be able to instruct the Language of Light coming from the Sacred An as it merges it’s energy field with the Host of it’s purpose: In La’ketch, through the 13th Crystal Skull.

Since writing that article in April of 2013, the Sacred AN has come to it’s final Thresholding Chamber in the current “Old” Earth – within Crest-in-the-Stone / Challenger Peak at Crestone, Colorado, and both the key Dweller Crystal Skulls involved – in Crestone and in Kaua’i – are being activated in their world outreach modes through their new-found Host Crystal Skulls: Keeper of the Way and the White Queen.


2 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. wow!!!!! I didn’t know until now it is Serafana who is going to incarnate as the sacred 13th skull!!! Sistar, I feel called to aid somehow this whole energy in any way I can. Has Thoth shared with you any specific way in which we can focus our consciousness to be a support for whatever happens in the future regarding this wise soul?


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