La Paloma Blanca

Last night, my head full of crystal skulls, I saw myself in the cavern within Mount Wai’Ale’Ale here on Kaua’i – where the Dweller Skull of the Priestess of MU resides. There appeared a young, beautiful dark-haired woman, smiling gently upon me. I asked who she was (not sure she was the skull’s entity) and she said that I may call her “Paloma.” I knew she was the entity of the Skull, but was puzzled by the name she gave me.

“Paloma” means dove in spanish. Then the name that had previously been given to me for her was Atu’La Hunuapepe. When I questioned this, she replied that yes, Atu’La Hunuapepe was her “priestess” name – her mantric name, but Peo’La’Ma was her birth name – the “familiar” name. Knowing I have difficulty with ancient and New Earth names given to me, she was saying that I could call her (and refer to her) as “Paloma.” I thought of the song my mother sang to me as a child – La Paloma Blanca – white dove….White Queen? As the song goes: if a white does flies to your window sill treat it with care as it is my persona. Sooo fitting! I am sure she knew this.

Then she showed me her – in the land of MU, holding the hand of a little girl and walking with her. They were both looking at one another and laughing. She said to me, “This is my sister, Kirstin. She was YOU!” This came as a shock to me. I had previous inkling of this.

I noticed that Kirstin was blonde and fair-skinned, while Paloma was dark-haired and darker skinned. She said then that we had different mothers. Our mothers were both wives (at the same time) of our father. I remembered then, when receiving akashic information for my manuscript The Laws of MU (1970’s), that indeed some of the rulers had more than one wife (this would be in the latter days of MU). Paloma said, yes…that our father was a Chief Regent under the Emperor.

She told me that we had three sisters and a brother. The brother was of her mother – he was the oldest of us all. The three sisters were from my mother. I was the youngest child and she, Paloma was the second to oldest. Paloma told me that she and I had a special bond among all the siblings.

Then I wanted to know how a she became…uh…a crystal skull. She smiled beautifully again and said “That is a story for another time.” The visit ended then. I was delighted and await the “other story.”



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