Baptism of the HOSTS

The Crestone group Baptises the two Host Crystal Skulls together, before the White Queen embarks upon her journey to Kaua’i.

Lynn McCallum (Celest’Ra) writes:


today I was anointed with an incredible honor as the guardian of The White Queen twin flame of The Keeper Of the Way.

The two main crystal skulls of the Reshel Ascension Grids…

The White Queen and I have quite a journey ahead of us which started today with a unified baptism in a very special creek at the twin flame portal on the land of DeAnna Elliott in Crestone Colorado.

The White Queen and I will be participating together in many special ceremonies …First Garden of the Gods and Red rocks Arizona for the coming 12:12 portal, then Hopi nation for the 14/15th alignments, red rocks Arizona and Vancouver, Canada for the winter solstice and then off to Hermes Retreat in Lake Titicaca and the January full moon in ceremony with Marshal Golden Eagle Jack and Goldie in Cuzco Peru!

Laying the grids for the condor nations to come to join the eagle nations on Hopi nation next April.

And finally The White Queen and I will travel to Kauai to the guardianship of beloved Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid who has initiated this journey for The White Queen and who has dedicated her life as a scribe for Thoth.

Maia will be doing much writing about this journey explaining to us how Thoth is guiding us through the ascension process and I will be linking in all of Maia’s work.

I invite you to follow this next exciting phase of our ascension and of my own personal story of total surrender in to divine guidance in service to the grids of Gaia and ascension in reverence for the well being of all life throughout all times places spaces dimensions and beyond.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin Aho


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