11th Gate of the Star – Introduction

I originally channeled and wrote this infusion / initiation in 1991. Recently ThothHorRa requested that I place this process into video format. I had probably not read it since I first released it. When Thoth asked me to do the video on it, I read it through for the first time in all these years.

I was stunned to find that the closing of the 11th Gate passage was December 31st 2011! Yet also puzzled as to why Thoth was requesting I begin on a rather large project with it now – since it would barely get released before the closing of the gate.

He stated that this initiation would continue to be valid past the “closing” of the 11th Gate since this closing was only a completion of a cycle that would then allow all to continue to move through this portal as long as was necessary. He explained to me that such things were “timeless” in the Inner. We become alert to them through cycles of linear time but we can touch into these points outside of time and space and continue to benefit from them in that manner.

He also shared with me that as I created the video, the light codes were being updated in this presentation to aid the participant in movement up and through the 11 Gates and beyond…at any point in time they chose to engage it.



For Part 1 & 2 of the infusion-initiation (includes Intro & 30 images from the videos for your computer desktop) of The 11th Gate of the Star: CLICK HERE

Those of you who are members of my Kyi’Ra Portal will find the links and passwords to parts 1 & 2 on THIS PAGE in the Portal. Just scroll down to 11th Gate of the Star.


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